Freediving at Nusa Penida

Join us for an underwater adventure and experience freediving and snorkeling with Manta Rays around unique Nusa Penida island

PRICE: IDR 1.500.000
INCLUDED: equipment, transportation

Nusa Penida sites offer some of the best freediving and snorkeling in Bali. It is home to the famous Manta Rays, untouched corals reefs, turtles, and more incredible marine life.

The trip begins with a 40 min boat ride from Sanur where you will see the beautiful coastline of Bali and as soon you get close to Nusa Penida you will see surprisingly cliffs formations with some more than 100m high.

Nusa Penida

Conditions there are great for freediving, with good visibility, warm water, colorful reefs and big variety of marine life.

The best diving activity of Penida with no doubts is freediving with the majestic Manta Rays! This giant of the oceans are often seen at Manta Point and Manta Bay (both popular sites where you can see them) swimming around, you can often spot them very close to the surface.

Freediving with Manta Rays

Other exciting places to visit after mantas include Crystal Bay and Gamat Bay, offering shallow waters with plenty of fish around.
Here lunchtime takes place in the boat with a relaxing and enjoyable view.

Freediving in Nusa Penida

After lunch, we will visit dive sites called Toyapakeh Wall and SD Point. Both sites offer nice beautiful drift diving along the coral walls with a high possibility to meet turtles, rays, and a lot of colorful fishes!

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