Freediving in Amed

Visit East Bali to freedive on stunning reefs in Amed area and to explore awesome shipwreck USAT Liberty in Tulamben

PRICE: IDR 1.000.000
INCLUDED: equipment, transportation

Amed and Tulamben are located on the northeast coast of Bali and these places offer perfect sites for shore freediving. That means that you don’t need a boat! With its black volcanic sand, and a beautiful view from the volcano Mount Agung, with a short swim from the shore you can find beautiful reefs and lots of marine life.

The waters here are usually calm, with a drop off into the blue, more experienced freedivers can explore the deeper parts of the reef with the chance to find some big fishes. Clownfish, angelfish, surgeonfish, and blue-spotted rays are among the variety of sea life.

Freediving in Amed

And what about wrecks?
In Amed, you can find the mysterious Japanese Wreck which now is home for a huge number of marine life.
In Tulamben, you can find the Coral garden dive site. Is a perfect shallow diving site with underwater statues and lots of anemones being home for the beautiful clownfishes.

We can’t forget to talk about one of the most famous diving sites in Bali – The USAT Liberty Wreck. Located also in Tulamben and very close to the Coral Garden, this place is just amazing! This cargo ship is a joy underwater, with lots of marine life, the ship is just huge! You will have more than enough time to explore it and see all the beauty around it. By the way, it suits beginners and advanced freedivers, since the wreck begins at 5m depth and the deepest part sits about 30m. If you’re lucky you might find some big Napoleon fish around!

Liberty Ship Wreck

After the freediving session, we can have lunch in one of the restaurants just a few meters away from the water.

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